Bejeweled Celery Salad

How could you not want to gobble up a jewel toned salad topped with amazing pomegranate seeds. Bejeweled salads are the future. Yummy!


3 medium stalks celery, finely sliced with the leaves on

1/2 yellow pepper, chopped

1/8 red onion, chopped

Mix all together and add a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing (I do a 3:1 ratio) and threw in a herb mix. Garnish with pomegranate seeds et voila. A refreshing summer salad. This would also go well with roasted chicken or baked salmon if you want some protein with your meal.

Serves 2 as a starter or 1 for a main


Forest Berry Smoothie.

Last smoothie I promise. This is a super refreshing summer smoothie with berries and cucumbers. Perfect for a patio date or tricking your kids or husband into eating more greens. I also like to decorate it a bit either with a berry skewer, watermelon hearts or even a cucumber stick as a stirrer. The possibilities are edible endless.


1.5 cups frozen mixed berries, partially thawed

1 small cucumber, chopped

2 tbsp old fashion oats

1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice (I like it with pulp)

1/2 cup water

Blend until smoothie. Do not over blend. Serve in a pretty glass with decorations if you are feeling fancy. Serves one.

Mango Smoothie Bowl

And the #smoothiebowl adventures continue with this pretty and delicious little number.


1 cup frozen mango

4 heaping tbsp old fashion oats

1 tbsp ground linseed

1/2 cup water

Blend all in ingredients together until mixed. Do not over blend. I decorated with the left over pomegranate seeds from my previous recipes, pumpkin seeds and oats. Enjoy!

Ps. This is so quick to make (including decorating) I managed to do everything while the tea kettle was going.

Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

Feed your body and your mind with an antioxidant rich smoothie bowl and a side of literature.


1 cup frozen mixed berries

1 ripe banana

3 heaping tbsp old fashioned oats

1 tbsp ground linseed

3 tbsp oat milk (or whichever milk you prefer)

I let my berries thaw in the fridge overnight which means they let out some water. If you make the smoothie with frozen berries you may need to add some milk or water depending on your desired consistency when everything has been blended together. Only blend until mixed. Never over blend. I garnished with 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds and some more oats.

Dairy Free Banana Bread

Breakfast muffins are a great item to keep on hand and frozen in the freezer. I made these using my standard banana bread recipe.
3-4 fully ripe bananas
1 tsp baking soda
-mash the bananas with the baking soda, chunks can remain and let sit for 15 minutes
200g flour, I like whole wheat
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1 dash eat of cinnamon and nutmeg
2 tbsp linseeds, ground
Almonds, small handful
Note: I do not add sugar as I use fully ripe bananas which are already quite sweet so you may need to test the batter if you prefer sweet
Mix all ingredients together and fill into the forms. Bake at 180c for 30-35 minutes, for cake loaf it will take about 50 minutes. Let fully cool on a wire rack before packing for the freezer.

Water Infusions

Water infusions are great for keeping hydrated and satisfying a sweet drinks craving. Some ideas are lemon+mint, rosemary+pear or simply add apple or orange slices to flavour your water. Remember to keep it cool.

Eat the rainbow!

When it comes to eating healthy the most important thing is to eat the rainbow! I love a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as they provide a wide variety of macro and micro nutrients, fibre and loads of vitamins. Plus they taste good.Below shows a variety of what I will buy in the week. I have a mix of fresh and frozen produce and I also like using eggs as a source of protein and dates for a sweet snack. Living in the UAE means we have a wide variety of lovely dates. Of course I have a small pantry at home which includes milled flax seeds, old fashioned oats, and some gluten free pastas. I also enjoy cooking with olive oil and I always have a variety of spices and fresh pepper at home. I try to prepare my lunch at home as this will allow me to control what I am eating but if I am unable to do so like like heading to So Salad in JLT as they have a great variety of bases, tops and salad sauces.

So remember eat the rainbow! Keep it colourful, keep it fresh and keep it healthy.