Lemon + Lavender Loaf

Baking was on the agenda this morning and I ended up making a delicious Lemon + Lavender Loaf. If you are not a lavender fan you can sub in poppy seeds or just leave it out. The recipe is based on the Betty Bossi Getraenkter Zitronencake with some tweaks. Oh yes and I NEED a proper cake loaf serving tray…


250g margarine – beat until smooth

250g sugar 4 eggs – beat with the eggs until foamy and then mix in with the margarine

2 lemons, zest only – mix in

250g flour 1 tsp baking powder

3-4 tsp dried lavender

Juice from one lemon

Mix all until blended Pour into a greased or lined cake form of 28-30cm and bake for 180c for 60-65 minutes or until done. Remove from cake form and let cool on a wire rack.

For the glaze I added about 2 Tbsp of lemon juice to a cup of icing sugar and blended. It depends on how thick or thin you want so better to start with less lemon juice. I then sprinkled some dried lavender on top.



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