Eat the rainbow!

When it comes to eating healthy the most important thing is to eat the rainbow! I love a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as they provide a wide variety of macro and micro nutrients, fibre and loads of vitamins. Plus they taste good.Below shows a variety of what I will buy in the week. I have a mix of fresh and frozen produce and I also like using eggs as a source of protein and dates for a sweet snack. Living in the UAE means we have a wide variety of lovely dates. Of course I have a small pantry at home which includes milled flax seeds, old fashioned oats, and some gluten free pastas. I also enjoy cooking with olive oil and I always have a variety of spices and fresh pepper at home. I try to prepare my lunch at home as this will allow me to control what I am eating but if I am unable to do so like like heading to So Salad in JLT as they have a great variety of bases, tops and salad sauces.

So remember eat the rainbow! Keep it colourful, keep it fresh and keep it healthy.



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