Fitness. For free?

Yes, even in Dubai we are privy to free, and super amazing, fitness lessons. lululemon, the outfitter of choice for yummy mummies, offers quality yoga and running sessions for free in Dubai. Yoga can be an excellent fitness option for those who want to be active but still need something gentle for their body. Yoga is excellent for strengthening your muscles and it is also very relaxing. Previously, I did not buy into the hype of yoga but I must admit it does feel great afterwards.

Check out the below sweat schedule for the offerings from their three store locations or visit their inspiring facebook page. These yoga lessons are an excellent option for beginners or if you want to meet some new people who are part of the yoga community.

Remember, a healthy life includes taking care of your mental and physical health and yoga does an excellent job in catering to both.

Lululemon Dubai Free Lessons

Credit: lululemon athletica Dubai facebook page

Please note this is not a sponsored post; I think it is great that lululemon gives to the community and really enjoy going to their sweat sessions. Living #thesweatlife


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