Gluten and Dairy Free Bread … cheat edition

I love freshly baked bread. The look, the smell, the everything. It makes my heart sing. But I am still not so comfortable with these mixtures that some people come up with when it comes to making a gluten free bread flour. In steps Orgran to my rescue. They have a brilliant Gluten Free Multi Grain bread mix with quinoa and chia! I have used this multiple times before and love that it can be used as is or as a versatile base. The steps are simple: empty the flour into a bowl add oil, luke warm water, mix to combine and add to a greased bread tin, allow to rise and bake. Easy, right?

But you can also mix it up. Savoury or sweet, the choice is yours. Add some sundried tomatoes and olives for a Mediterranean twist or even dried fruit, roasted almonds and honey for a sweet and hearty breakfast bread. I get mine at Organic Foods & Cafe but it is also available in other super markets.

Have some fun with this and other mixes. Make it your own.


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