Comparing Lactose Free Yoghurts

Yesterday and today played host to Organic Foods & Cafe’s 20% off days. Which means it was time to stock up the larder and get some more items to compare. Today I decided on yoghurt.

I picked up two types. One made with a milk alternative and one which was created using lactose free milk.

Lactose free yoghurt dubai

CO YO vs. Kaerntnermilch

I was quite curious to try the CO YO Yoghurt because it is not made with dairy and has six simple ingredients, three of which are different berries. It is also soya and gluten free. It is definately on the pricey side; this 125g containers was AED17.25. The other yoghurt product I pick was this Austrian made lactose free yoghurt from Kaerntnermilch. This yoghurt contains glucose fructose syrup and pectin which explains why it is more identical to “normal” yoghurt than its coconut cousin. It retails for a more palatable AED8.00 for the 150g container.

In terms of sweetness the CO YO yoghurt is more reserved which is a bonus as you can always add honey if you prefer it sweeter. The lactose free alternative was too sweet for me but it is closest to “normal” yoghurt. Just as a note the CO YO yoghurt has to be mixed well because the mixed berries on the bottom of the container.

My verdict? I prefer CO YO. Yes it is pricey but, if you can afford it, this yoghurt has the least amount of nasties in it and in terms of sweetness it can be customised.



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