Step one: Testing Biscuits

This past weekend I decided to go grocery shopping to see what my options are now that I am exploring the gluten and dairy free lifestyle. My first stop was at Organic Foods & Cafe here on Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road.

I ended up grabbing a couple things I wanted to try out including flour, spaghetti, flax seeds, crackers as well as two types of shortbread biscuits. Let’s be honest, the holidays are coming up so that choice was purely for research purposes.

The two types I got were from Lazy Day Foods  and the Shortbread Hearts from Orgran. Both are gluten and dairy free and come in 150g boxes. I did prefer the Lazy Day Foods brand because of the mouth feel and the taste. They are slightly more convincing, taste wise, than the ones from Orgram and I feel they did not have as much of a mealy feel to them.


L: Lazy Days Shortbread, R: Orgram Shortbread Hearts, and a refreshing glass of camel milk. More on that later.

I noticed rather quickly that going gluten and dairy free does not come cheap and they are definitely more expensive than their gluten and dairy containing cousins. Organic Foods & Cafe does have a great promotion wherein they have 20% off Fridays and Saturdays (before the third Saturday monthly) and 15% off the first Sunday of the month. The next time they have 15% off is the 6th of December and the next time they have 20% off is the 18th and 19th of December. This is a great time for loading up on dry goods.


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