Hello. This is me.

This is my story. It is not entirely unique but it may come as a surprise to some that someone at my age can have arthritis. I will be honest with you; it sucks. But dwelling on it will not make it better and I am thankful that it is not severe. I discussed with my rheumatologist who, when I told her I would prefer to try a medicine free route, said I should remove gluten, dairy and heavily processed foods from my diet … hmm I do believe I just heard joy leave the building. This route is currently possible because the integrity of my joints has not be compromised. In the future I may need to turn to medicines.

I do follow a relatively healthy lifestyle. No pop (aka soda), no smoking, no fast food and only the occasional drink with all of that being supplemented by exercise. Except a year ago things started to change and it culminated in me not being able to properly recover after running long distances, swollen ankles, not being able to bend my knees and not being able to properly straighten some of my fingers and right elbow.

So this is me. Just another person trying to find a solution to a problem.

Full disclosure: I am not a doctor or nutritionist. This is a path I was recommended to take. If you ever have problems with your body, or mind, please see a proper health care professional and for goodness sake do not Google! This is your body. Take care of it.sky-sunset-field-trees


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